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Mortaza Derakhshani

Mortaza Derakhshani


Mortaza received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry with a focus on computational chemistry from Colorado state university. His Ph.D. research focused on using computational methods to understand the role of resins in the aggregation of asphaltenes. He is a huge fan of nature and outdoor activities such as hiking, running, skiing. He also enjoys reading, and baking exotic breads.


Conformational dynamics of the spike protein on mutants of SARS-COV2 coronavirus.

Mortaza's research is focused on understanding the conformational dynamics of the spike protein of the SARS-COV2 coronavirus. He is focused on the most recent infectious mutants. Using molecular dynamics and advanced enhanced sampling methods, he investigates how the spike protein's conformational dynamics lead to the activation of spike protein and the infecting function of the virus.

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