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cpSRP43 Is Both Highly Flexible and Stable: Structural Insights Using a Combined Experimental and Computational Approach

M. Benton, M. Furr, V. Govind Kumar, A. Polasa, F. Gao, C-D Heyes, T-K Suresh Kumar, M. Moradi

J.Chem. Inf. Model, vol. 63, pp. 4125–4137, 2023

Developing a Rational Approach to Designing Recombinant Proteins for Peptide-Directed Nanoparticle Synthesis

A. Polasa, I. Mosleh, J. Losey, A. Abbaspourrad, R. Beitle and M. Moradi

Nanoscale Adv., vol. 4, pp. 3161–3171, 2022

Ins and Outs of Rocker Switch Mechanism in Major Facilitator Superfamily of Transporters

S. Sauve, J.Williamson, A. Polasa and M. Moradi

Membranes, vol. 13, pp. 462, 2023

Prefusion Spike Protein Conformational Changes Are Slower in SARS-CoV-2 than in SARS-CoV-1.

V. Govind. Kumar, D. S. Ogden, U. H. Isu, A. Polasa, J. Losey and M. Moradi

J. Biol. Chem, 298:101814, 2022.

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